What is Bio Immune (G)ene Medicine?

What is Bio Immune (G)ene Medicine?

What is BI(G)MED ?

When the functioning of cells becomes deregulated, they lose their homeostasis (balance), leading to disease in the medium-to-long term. Bio Immune(G)ene Medicine or BI(G)MED can help cells return to their state of self-regulation so as to regain health.

BI(G)MED is a simultaneously diagnostic and therapeutic medical method. It is based on a biomimetic (imitating nature) and holistic (global) vision of the immune system in general, and of the molecular functioning of the cell in particular. Its goal is to restore the self-regulation processes that have been altered due to disease.

In order to reach a diagnosis, BI(G)MED uses very specific laboratory tests and works with highly qualified European laboratories.

How does BI(G)MED work ?

The remarkable development of molecular biology has allowed for the identification of immunological and genetic processes at the basis of chronic diseases. This is a true revolution in medicine: we have shifted from the analysis of disease at the level of the organ to that at the level of the cell. Based on this scientific knowledge, it is clear that an effective and safe approach to therapy must involve a regulatory action.

How to achieve cellular self-regulation?

It is a question of making use of biological mechanisms available in the cells themselves for therapeutic purposes to restore the cell’s capacity to remain in good health.

In particular, BI(G)MED stands out through the use of small molecules known as “microRNAs” which modulate the “transcription” and translation of cellular DNA in the chromosomes, in view of restoring the immune system’s capacity for self-regulation. Among other things, this allows us to “put the brakes on” the expression of certain genes.

A large number of other molecules are used to complement the action of microRNAs. All of these molecules have one thing in common: they participate in the regulation of normal immune and genetic processes within the cell.

Genetics? Genes? Genome?

BI(G)MED does not manipulate either genes or the genome. It regulates the expression of the information provided by genes to refocus them on healing pathways through regulation.

When can BI(G)MED be used?

Bio Immune(G)ene Medicine can often help manage and even prevent numerous diseases, especially chronic diseases. Indeed, medical research has shown that cellular disorders appear well before the clinical manifestation of a disease.

Advances in medical research and nanotechnology (the use of ultra-low doses) offer solutions allowing for the regulations of a wide range of disorders in the realms of infection, auto-immune disease, tumours, allergies, cardiovascular disease, degenerative diseases, metabolic imbalances, inflammatory issues, etc. You will find more information on the page entitled “Therapeutic areas”.

No side effects

BI(G)MED uses solutions based on nanotechnologies (with reference to ultra-low doses). The result is a nanobiotherapy with no side effects. Indeed, it is a biomimetic method ((imitating nature)) in that it follows the natural model of distribution and expansion of molecules within cells.

Is it compatible with other therapies?

BI(G)MED can be combined with many other therapeutic methods with no interaction issues.

Please discuss this on an individual basis with your healthcare provider.