Symposium BI(G)MED Malaga 2023

Dear friends and colleagues:

We are very pleased to announce the celebration of the II International Symposium on BioImmuno(G)enetic Medicine (BI(G)MED), to be held in Malaga on 20-21 October 2023.

Our first symposium took place in 2019 in Krems (Austria) and allowed us to experience first hand the enthusiasm of our German colleagues for BI(G)MED.

As we all know, the pandemic would later slow down this momentum, but would also allow us to test therapeutic efficacy of the BI(G)MED solutions where conventional medicine has usually given poor results.

We have chosen Spain and the city of Malaga for this symposium as this is where BI(G)MED is enjoying resounding success thanks to the commitment and dedication of many of our colleagues here.

We would particularly like this event to be an opportunity to get to know each other better and share common interests and not just a meeting of professionals exchanging scientific content and listening to internationally recognised speakers.

The first day we will dedicate to the scientific aspects of BI(G)MED as a method of integrative molecular medicine.

The second day will offer testimonials from doctors with extensive experience in the application of BI(G)MED and the presentations of several laboratories with their latest developments in biological analysis that will extend and optimise our diagnostic capacity even further.

The symposium will help us consolidate ties in our medical community as well as enriching us professionally and medically.

We hope you will agree, this highly interesting agenda presents a wonderful opportunity to be part of this exciting BI(G)MED Symposium :


Dr. Gilbert GLADY                                        Dr. Narges BAHI-JABER

President of EBMA                                      Scientific Director

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